Acobiom is specialized in the discovery of Biomarkers and in the development of innovative medical Diagnostics focused on Precision Medicine applications.

Acobiom provides also customized services based on its technology platform and its over 19-year experience in genomics, transcriptomics, gene expression, sequencing, bioinformatics, biostatistics and omics big data analyses.



Diagnostics for Precision Medicine

The objective is to associate drugs or treatments with Biomarkers or (companion) Diagnostics to determine the sub-population of patients the most likely to benefit from these therapies.

Biomarkers and Omics Services for Translational Research and Life Science Research

Based on its over 18 years experience and its technology platform, Acobiom provides a wide range of Omics services: sequencing, qPCR, bioinformatics, training courses.

Bioinformatics and Biostatistics to making sense to your Omics Data

Acobiom provides state-of-art bioinformatics and biostatistics analyses able to analyze Omics (Big) Data obtained through Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) and qPCR