Omics services: Applications for Cosmetics

ACOBIOM is involved in genomics and pharmacogenomics analyses in various Cosmetics programs. The Omics analyses are used to evaluate the toxicity and the efficacy of the Cosmetics products and compounds, but also to optimize several experiment parameters (concentration, time of exposure...).


ACOBIOM (Montpellier, France) uses its genomics and pharmacogenomics expertise to evaluate the effects of natural and synthetic compounds on skin and skin changes.
The Company is involved in various studies to identify or analyze (Skin) Biomarkers that will make it possible to further comprehend and/or to validate pharmacogenomics effects of cosmetics products, allowing to generate assets and data about toxicity and efficacy.

ACOBIOM’s approach to identify Biomarkers in Cosmetics area is based on Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), gene differential expression, metabolic pathway involvements, etc.
The Company’s approach to analyze and/or to validate pre-identified Biomarkers in Cosmetics is based on PCR & qPCR technology.
These technologies are described in the Omics services web page.

Moreover, with its MaRS database including more than 1,100 RNASeq human skin profiles, ACOBIOM can assist its clients and partners on finding or validating Biomarkers or Targets in order to develop new formulation, new compounds and products.
To discover the Skin Data present in MaRS database and the genomics and pharmacogenomics analyses proposed by the Company, a short presentation can be downloaded here: Cosmetics-and-MaRS

To obtain more information concerning the Expertise of Acobiom associated with Cosmetics applications, please contact our Business Development department (T: +33(0)467 419 748, Email: