Precision Medicine

Acobiom is specialized in the discovery of new Biomarkers and in the development of innovative and non-invasive Diagnostics dedicated to Precision Medicine.


Acobiom is positioned in the field of Precision Medicine, which takes people’s biological and physiological differences into account in order to administer the most effective treatment or the most adapted treatment that matches to the patient profile. The company’s products include Diagnostics such as “patient stratification” tests and Companion Diagnostics that enable stratifying and segmenting patients according to specific phenotypes or to predictive response to a specific treatment.


Precision Medicine

Acobiom is involved in precision medicine due to its Omics expertise enabling to identify new Biomarkers associated with gene expression – phenotype – changes. The company is working towards developing daily practice In Vitro Diagnostics on the basis of new identified RNA Blood Biomarkers.

A patient’s response to a specific treatment may not simply be determined by a single gene, but by a combination of several genes and their interacting products. Acobiom’s biomarkers can meet this challenge in precision medicine.

The biomarkers identified in this way by Acobiom can be used for:

  • Diagnosing diseases or predicting risks of disease,
  • Determining whether a treatment is efficient or not,
  • Monitoring healthy people to detect early signs of disease,
  • Producing safer drugs by predicting the potential for adverse effects earlier,
  • Targeting specific groups of people for whom a particular drug may be useful, while not using it for those for whom it may prove harmful,
  • Providing researchers with the opportunity of having a global view of the events and changes that are always occurring within a cell.


Companion Diagnostics

Acobiom is involved in the development of innovative and non-invasive Companion Diagnostics based on a signature of RNA Blood biomarkers.

Therefore, Acobiom is focusing its biomarker strategy for the companion diagnosis purpose on gene expression changes under drugs regimes. Actually, Gene expression signatures can predict patients’ response to treatment. These gene expression changes can also be used as predictors and modulators of cellular sensitivity to cancer chemotherapeutics, for instance.

Companion Diagnostics can help physicians tailor a treatment for each patient through several potential applications such as:

  • Selection of optimal treatment,
  • Reduction of Adverse Drug Reactions,
  • Treatment monitoring,
  • Reduction of clinical trial costs, duration and failure rates,
  • Drug rescue: off-market drugs and failing trials.


Companion Diagnostics revolutionize medical practices by enabling to prescribe safer and more effective drugs for patients with clearly identified Biomarkers. Acobiom’s objective is to deliver “the right dose of the right drug to the right patient at the right time”



Acobiom identified a set of RNA Biomarkers associated with a positive 4-year survival prognosis in Chronic MyeloMonocytic Leukemia (CMML).

A qRT-PCR test based on this RNA signature has been developped and validated in a clinical trial lead by the Nimes hospital (France).
This clinical study has been described in a scientific publication.
This In Vitro Diagnostic based on these CMML biomarkers and the qRT-PCR technology can be ordered for « research use only ».


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