Medical partnerships

Acobiom is involved in several national and international research programs focused on the identification of new biomarkers, the development of new diagnostics and innovative therapeutics.

Acobiom is involved or has recently been involved in different research programs, including several projects granted by the European Commission (FP6, FP7), Bpifrance and ANR:

  • OncoSNIPE: Development of diagnostics/pronostics of resistance to 1st line treatment in pancreatic, lung, and breast cancers (press release).
  • APAS-IPK: Development of a companion diagnostic associated to a new treatment developped by AB Science company (Euronext); the project (in phase III trials) concerns pancreatic cancer.
  • ROMANE: Development (in phase III trials) of a companion diagnostic associated to a new treatment from AB Science company (Euronext) and a diagnostic in Alzheimer disease.
  • CONCO (ended): “Applied venomics of the cone snail species Conus consors for an accelerated, cheaper, safer and more ethical production of innovative biomedical drugs”
  • SRINS (ended): Sodium Retention in Nephrotic Syndrome”.
  • SYSCO (ended): “Systematic functional analysis of intracellular parasitism as a model of genomes conflict – Example of Leishmania”
  • USDEP (ended): “Capture and enrichment of emerging pathogens for multiple and ultra-sensitive diagnostics”.


Acobiom’s pathological and biological research actions, expertise and know-how have been described in several scientific publications: Genomics, Nucleic Acid Research, Oncogene, etc.

If you require more information concerning these projects or for setting-up a new partnership, please contact the business development department of Acobiom
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