Biomarkers for Precision Medicine

Acobiom (Montpellier, France) is specialized in the identification of RNA/DNA Biomarkers associated with Precision medicine applications. These Biomarkers are used to improve diagnostics and treatments, in particular for: treatment response prediction, treatment efficiency, disease detection and classification, patient stratification, etc.

Our approach to discover new Biomarkers

Acobiom is involved and has been involved in clinical studies (and clinical trials) to identify (Blood) Biomarkers, that will make it possible to identify patients most likely to benefit from certain treatments.

Its approach to identify Biomarkers in Precision Medicine is based on Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), the investigation of gene expression changes, the analyses of biological phenotypes.

During the course of its R&D and its service activity, Acobiom identified dozens of Biomarkers in correlation with therapies/drugs, cognitive score/impairment, disease detection, evolution and prognosis, immune response, vaccination, infectious diseases, and pharmacogenomics.
These Biomarkers were identified in different types of tissues, organs, and for specific biological questions.

Moreover, some of its researches, collaborations or partnerships have issued scientific publications.

To obtain more information concerning the Expertise of Acobiom in the identification of Biomarkers associated with Precision Medicine applications, please contact our Business Development department (T: +33(0)467 419 748, Email: