Diagnostics and Companion Diagnostics for Translational Research, Personalized Medicine and Precision Medicine

Acobiom is specialized in the discovery of new biomarkers and the development of innovative diagnostics dedicated to Translational Research, Personalized Medicine and Precision Medicine.

The company has developed a state-of-art technology platform that associates Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) and proprietary Bioinformatics, and is dedicated to RNA/DNA Biomarker discovery.

These Biomarkers identified from the analysis of gene expression changes or biological phenotypes could be applied in several activities including: companion diagnosis, disease detection and classification, patient stratification, treatment response prediction, disease prognosis.


Personalized Medicine

Acobiom is positioned in the field of Personalized Medicine, which takes people’s biological and physiological differences into account in order to administer the most effective treatment or the most adapted (+)


Acobiom discovered and patented a set of blood  RNA-biomarkers that are correlated to a 14.9-month survival prognosis in Pancreatic Cancer patients treated by Gemcitabine.

From this new Blood RNA-biomarker signature, (+)

Leukemia (CMML)

Acobiom discovered a new set of innovative biomarkers identified through gene expression analyses and performed on several cell lines and blood samples. These biomarkers associated to a positive 4-year survival (+)

Medical products

Due to its expertise in Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies, genomics, transcriptomics and bioinformatics, Acobiom is currently involved in several developments concerning Personalized Medicine, Companion Diagnostics and patient stratification tests, which (+)

Medical partnerships

Acobiom is involved or has recently been involved in different research programs, including several projects granted by the European Commission (FP6, FP7), Bpifrance and ANR:

OncoSNIPE: Development of diagnostics/pronostics of (+)