Be part of the current (R)evolution of Personalized Medicine by investing in ACOBIOM and its innovative Diagnostic developments

ACOBIOM is seeking financial partners interested in sharing its ambitions and its objective to commercialize Diagnostics, which can “give the right treatment to the right patient” in Cancer and Alzheimer's disease domains.


Since its strategic shift in 2009, Acobiom focuses its development on innovative Diagnostics dedicated to Personalized Medicine, an expanding field and market estimated to be worth $2.5tn in 2022 (Genetic Insider, 2016).

Based on Blood Biomarkers (circulating biomarkers from liquid biopsy), the company develops Diagnostics for routine uses on platforms already used in hospitals and central laboratories. Diagnostics developed in Cancer and Alzheimer’s disease domains are represented in the graphe below.

Acobiom Pipeline 13032017 EN web

The Business Model of Acobiom is based on selling Diagnostics, and also on providing Services to reduce business risks and to increase partnerships, on the basis of its scientific expertise and its technology platform.

Since its foundation, Acobiom has federated several investors interested in the company’s objectives and expansion, including companies and Business Angels.

Today, Acobiom is seeking new funds and financial partners to complete the current clinical trials (see pipeline above).

To discover the strenghts and the objectives of Acobiom, a general presentation document can be downloaded via the following link: Executive Summary.

To read the last press release announcing the funding of the OncoSNIPE program by Bpifrance, click on the following link: Press Release.

To obtain more information concerning expertise of Acobiom in Biomarker discovery and Diagnostic development, in its technology know-how in genomics, pharmacogenomics, transcriptomics, bioinformatics, please download the document: « ACOBIOM Expertises »

To obtain more information about ACOBIOM, its scientific and technical expertise, its pipeline of Diagnostics, and about the seeking funds in 2017 & 2018, please contact Philippe Outrebon (, T: +33(0)467 419 748).