ACOBIOM: Diagnostic Tests dedicated to Precision Medicine and Diseases with High Unmet Medical Needs

ACOBIOM's objective is to commercialize innovative medical Diagnostics that can predict a therapeutical response in diseases with high unmet medical needs. The company is seeking financial partners interested in the perspectives and the benefits of Precision Medicine.

ACOBIOM (Montpellier, France) is currently involved in the development of innovative Medical Diagnostics that can predict therapeutical responses in certain diseases (oncology, neurology) with high unmet medical needs.
These Diagnostics are non invasive and can be performed from a simple blood sample. These tests are based on the simultaneous measurement of a combination of several patented markers and data analysis using a proprietary algorithm. These Diagnostic Tests have been developing for routine uses on platforms already used in central labs and clinical centres.

ACOBIOM’s Diagnostics (cf pipeline below) are the results of the combination of a 18-year technical know-how in genomics & transcriptomics, of Bioinformatic tools dedicated to Omic Data analysis, of a proprietary database containing 27,000 RNA-Seq profiles (#BigData), and of a unique scientific expertise in the analysis of omic data.

Pipeline EN 20171207

ACOBIOM’s business positions the company in several growing markets that generate important revenues as the Companion Diagnostics in Oncology, market that has been estimated at US$ 3.5B in 2016, and should grow to US$ 13.6B in 2025 (source : Transparency Market Research).

An Executive Summary can be downloaded by the financial partners interested in the ambition and the objectives of ACOBIOM to commercialize  innovative medical Diagnostics to improve treatments in oncology and neurology.

To obtain more information about ACOBIOM (#Acobiom_Biotech) and its perspectives (#PrecisionMedecine), please contact Philippe Outrebon (, T: +33(0)467 419 748)