Gene expression by sequencing

Acobiom is specialized in the discovery of genomic and transcriptomic biomarkers. To reach its objectives, the company has developed a gene profiling platform using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies, proprietary bioinformatic programs and biostatistical algorithms.

Since 1999, Acobiom has been providing gene expression profiles through sequencing (Next Generation Sequencing) technologies, proprietary bioinformatic programs and biostatistical algorithms. This high throughput platform is dedicated to the acquisition of genomic / transcriptomic data through the analysis of gene expression and accurate bioinformatic processes for identifying and quantifying gene/mRNA biomarkers. This platform can be used for identifying all the genes induced in each physiopathological situation in an exhaustive and sensitive manner. However, the genes are either already known or not and the genome of the organism is either sequenced or not.

The results are implemented in an interactive database and can be compared with thousands of gene profiles libraries, which have been gathered in a unique relationship database called Biotag. This database is an active and user-friendly website access tool, which enables to use and analyze gene profiles. Thus, each user can easily search and compare the gene profiles he/she has selected, compare transcriptome libraries, design biomarker sets in a specific tissue and/or tumor, etc.


Case studies

Macrophage gene expression response in Leishmania.

MiRNA expression profile in Leishmania.

MiRNAs in human cumulus-oocyte complex.

Total blood gene expression in a case series of patients with lower and higher IQ.


Acobiom has been collaborating with several scientific teams for more than 18 years. Several partnerships have performed scientific publications.