Gene expression by qRT-PCR

Acobiom is specialized in the discovery of genomic and transcriptomic biomarkers. To reach its objectives, the company uses qRT-PCR (quantitative RT-PCR) technology for testing, validating or monitoring patterns of expressed genes.

Regarding the range of molecular biology and genomic technologies available in the field of Life Sciences, including Modern Medicine, Veterinary Science, Food-stuff, Agriculture, etc., the need for performing quantitative analyses of genes or DNA sequences or expressed genes had dramatically increased.
Acobiom gained tremendous experience in qRT-PCR analysis.

In a high throughput routine, Acobiom uses qRT-PCR for testing, validating or monitoring global patterns of gene expression.
Quantitative Real-time PCR provides an absolute quantitative analysis of gene expression and a rapid and precise confirmation of genetic/genomic/transcriptomic changes.

Acobiom’s expertise is focused on quantitative Real-Time PCR because this technique:

  • Is the most sensitive technique for mRNA detection and quantification currently available;
  • Can be used to quantify mRNA levels from much smaller samples;
  • Gives more accurate measurements and is much better adapted to analyses performed on large numbers of samples;
  • Has been successfully developed and has become a reliable and easy to use standard method for the detection and/or quantification of nucleic acid sequences;
  • Reduces hands-on time and increases reliability;
  • Has been adopted for a wide range of new applications.


Acobiom had collaborated with several scientific team for more than 18 years. Several partnerships used Real-time PCR technic and led to scientific publications.