Acobiom’s history in short cuts

Founded in 1999, Acobiom has always been at the forefront of innovation in genomics, transcriptomics, diagnostics and precision medicine.


Acobiom was founded by Didier Ritter and Dr David Piquemal under the name « Skuldtech », with the support of Pr Jacques Marti and Pr Therese Commes-Maerten, and their academic laboratory (the Transcriptome Study Group) from Montpellier University (France).

Since 1999, Acobiom realizes transcriptomes based on sequencing technology and bioinformatics tools specifically developed to treat and analyze gene expression profiles established by sequencing. The transcriptomes are established for the own R&D programs of the company and for its clients in services.

In 2002, Acobiom was the technical partner of Nimes hospital in a PHRC program to study gene cellular differentiation in CMML (Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukemia). A publication and a patent have been issued from this first precision medicine program.

From 2004 to 2009, the company was the technical partner of innovative programs funded by anti-doping agencies to identify and validate biomarkers associated with erythropoietin (EPO) drug abuse. Several publications have been issued from these programs.

In 2006, Acobiom was the technical and bioinformatics partner of Roche Diagnostics to realize an Application Note concerning rapid and accurate gene profiles determined with the « Genome Sequencer System » developed by 454 Life Sciences.

In 2007, Acobiom was the partner of several R&D programs funded by Europe (FP6), the French ANR (Agence Nationale de la Recherche), and Bpifrance:

  • USDEP (FP6, “Capture and Enrichment of Emerging Pathogens for Multiple and Ultra-Sensitive diagnostic”) managed by the Robert Koch Institute,
  • CONCO (FP6, “Applied venomics of the cone snail species Conus consors for the accelerated, cheaper, safer and more ethical production of innovative biomedical drugs”) managed by Atheris company,
  • SYSCO (FP6, “Systematic functional analysis of intracellular parasitism as a model of genomes conflict”) managed by Biobase company,
  • SRINS (ANR, “Sodium retention in nephrotic syndrome”) managed by the French Inserm laboratory of Alain Doucet,
  • VAXILEISH (Bpifrance (FUI), “Development of a recombinant polypeptidic vaccine and an efficacy in-vitro test ») managed by Virbac company, and leading to the market approval of a canine leishmaniasis vaccine.

Several publications have been issued from these R&D programs.

In 2009, Acobiom was the partner of AB Science in a precision medicine project, APAS-IPK, financed by Bpifrance and dedicated to develop a new treatment and its companion diagnostic in pancreatic cancer. A publication and several patents have been issued from this precision medicine program.

Due to this success, Acobiom and AB Science have decided to launch in 2012 a second precision medicine project, ROMANE, to develop a new treatment and innovative diagnostics in Alzheimer disease.

In 2012, Acobiom was also the partner of the POC4PETS program (FP7, “Point of Care Diagnostics for rapid and cheap pathogen detection of companion animals”) managed by the University of Bologna (Italy).

Since 2012, Acobiom is the industrial partner of the « Computational Biology Institute » located in Montpellier (France), which “aims at the development of innovative methods and software to analyze, integrate and contextualize large‐scale biological data in the fields of health, agronomy and environment”.

In 2017, Acobiom is partner of the OncoSNIPE program in precision medicine dedicated to cancer. As part of this project, Acobiom will identify circulating (blood) biomarkers predictive of treatment resistance and will develop diagnostics allowing the prediction of patient resistance to anti-cancer drugs currently available for pancreatic, lung and breast cancers.
To read the press release in English, click here: Press Release. To read the press release in French, click here: Communiqué de Presse.

For several years, Acobiom is the partner of French bioclusters of excellence in Human Health and Life Science: Eurobiomed/Euromediag and Biomeridies, and has been granted a Research Tax Relief (« Agrément Crédit Impôt Recherche ») by the French Ministry of Research and Technology.